The Instant process of Wildcard SSL Certificate creation at IIS 7

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Finishing the approval process for any SSL certificate is a fairly straightforward process, but it is still not as easy as the instant installation of the obtained certificate via the IIS 7 server application offered through Microsoft. A business owner that understands how a singular certificate or an IIS Wildcard Certificate operates can appreciate the simple approach that Microsoft brings to the table.

When the owner installs this certificate, they begin by navigating through the start menu and the IIS 7 GUI, into the appropriate directory for storing certificates and initiating the "Create Certificate Request" process. This process begins the actual installation and launches an intelligent wizard that guides them through a few simple selections; starting with several text-fields requiring company information, such as domain name, place of business and the company title. Although the installation steps are straightforward, at some point owners may need some assistance.

An IIS Wildcard certificate follows this same procedure and results in the business owner operating a protected domain within moments. This protection requires no further installation on any of the included sub-domains. The Wildcard SSL certificates installation IIS is such an easy process. The steps listed above require no advanced knowledge of encryption methods, authorization techniques or programming experience on the operator"s behalf. In little to no time, can ensure that a domain is fully protected with the best partner program in the SSL industry.

With the installation process only requiring a few details and a couple of clicks from the mouse, it is a surprise that every online corporation has not taken the time to obtain this security for themselves and their visitors.

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Jim Armstrong and help consumers understand how WildCard SSL works with its different security keys.They also provide customers with access to a full range of SSL products from brands including Symantec, Thawte, RapidSSL, and GeoTrust SSL. For more information about True BusinessID Wildcard SSL, Symantec Wildcard SSL Thawte Wildcard SSL security keys, and other SSL products, contact at pr@rapidsslonline or call 727-388-4240.

How Wildcard SSL works with its different security key?

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A Wildcard SSL, like any other SSL certificate security, provides SSL encryption for data transmitted between visitors on the website and the site itself. What makes a Wildcard SSL different from other SSL certificate security types is its ability to secure an unlimited number of sub-domains in addition to the primary domain URL.

Wildcard SSL certificates handle website security very differently than traditional SSL certificates. A traditional SSL certificate is assigned to a single host name. If sub-domains are added, a new SSL certificate must be purchased and it will be applied to a new domain name. A Wildcard SSL certificate allows users to protect multiple sub domain names as long as they are run on a single server, without purchasing additional SSL certificates security.

The ability of an SSL Certificate Wildcard to cover even an unlimited server license is based in the way it applies security keys. Wildcard SSLs assign a different security key to each sub-domain added to the SSL certificate. Wildcard SSL security is highly recommended for large organizations and e-commerce type websites, which include multiple sub-domains at the time of purchase, or which anticipate adding additional sub-domains while the SSL certificate is active.

The only drawback to Wildcard SSL certificates is their cost. They are significantly more expensive than traditional SSL certificates but are less complex to install and maintain, especially for a broad-based business. SSL certificate security is one of the most highly recommended steps on the web to users and their confidential date. An SSL certificate WildCard is a comprehensive security solution to increase the trust of users or customers and confirm that e-commerce experience is secure. WildCard SSLs not only increase users trust and confidence on the site but also display visual indicator signs of safety to improve online trust.

When trying to select an SSL certificate, it is important to consider how the SSL certificate security fits into the company's budget and how the SSL certificate is used within the organization. For large and growing businesses that operate online, Cheap Wildcard SSL certificates are the most reliable and flexible website security option.

With, a global leader of the SSL industry and a Platinum Partner of Symantec, companies can buy Wildcard SSL certificates in bulk and save money through its Reseller Program. In addition, offers unbeatable pricing and a Best Price Guarantee that applies to all SSL certificates advertised.

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Jim Armstrong and help consumers understand how WildCard SSL works with its different security keys.They also provide customers with access to a full range of SSL products from brands including Symantec, Thawte, RapidSSL, and GeoTrust. For more information about True BusinessID Wildcard SSL, Symantec Wildcard SSL, Thawte Wildcard SSL security keys, and other SSL products, contact at pr@rapidsslonline or call 727-388-4240.

Website with SSL Certificate, Why itís important to web users?

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SSL certificate is one of the leading buzz in web security industry today to protect website and web users. Website with SSL certificate always used to a secure connection while exchanging information between users and a web servers, and due to secure exchange producer that data can be secured.

SSL certificates are performed based on encrypted and decrypted algorithm to switch the information from web browsers to web servers. Exchanging information through SSL certificate security can execute multiple level of encryption such as 256 bit encryption and 128 bit encryption. In SSL industry, 256 bit encryption level is known as the advance level of security where 128 bit encryption level is known as standard level of encryption.

In SSL web security industry, many categorized SSL certificate options are available to create secure environment to protect users. Generally, choosing the right option in SSL certificates, it depends on the nature of website. If website contains large amounts of products or services, and sub domains then website is binding to buy EV Multi Domain SSL certificate security to protect their website and their users. EV SSL or Extended Validation SSL certificate is the highest level of SSL certificate security which is especially designed to protect wide level of organization or business on web. If website contains unlimited amount of sub domains, then one of the best SSL certificates protection is Wildcard SSL certificate which will secure unlimited sub domains using single server certificate.

SSL certificate security will create secure weather to web users while browsing website on web, but one of more crucial aspect rest in SSL certificate security. In this era of technology, Branding is one of the most important to protect or secure the future, if you think that why I am including this topic in web security, then its real time to say users that website is being secured with one of the widest trusted SSL certificate authority. Website with the most trusted SSL certificate authority can gain more trust and confidence then website with second level of Certificate Authority. As result of this website must have certificate security from the trusted one Certificate Authority (CA) which will be additional value to build secure user experience on web.

Employing SSL certificate on small, medium, and large position online business has many advantages. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate has wide contribution at Ecommerce organization as not only it works to protect data but it also delivers trust and confidence to an online shopper while buying any product or services across Ecommerce organization on a web. However, website with SSL certificate security can directly pass a message of secure online business experience with sensitive details such as Credit Card, Pay Pal, and Bank wire through their the toughest security of Extended Validation SSL or EV SSL certificate and Trust Seal on site. Web users or customers can process to their purchase without any fear of fraud, online cheat, or any hacking threat while making online shop with SSL certificate security from a web store or any web organization through sensitive details. SSL certificate is one of the green signals just like rail runway track with green signal to pass any railway station.

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Jim Armstrong works with to help consumers with the top brands, such as RapidSSL, VeriSign (Now Symantec), Thawte SSL, GeoTrust SSL and Rapid SSL. offers major SSL brands SSL certificate security such as RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte, and Symantec SSL Certificate Secure Site Pro with EV, Secure Site with EV for as low as price compare to other SSL certificate providers on web.

Build Trust and Confidence of Web Users with EV SSL

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EV SSL or Extended Validation SSL Certificate is also known as Green SSL Certificate in SSL industry. It"s one of the best protections of SSL certificate to spacious level for online organization or business. EV certificate creates trust and confidence mark on a website in green color, which is a comprehensive sign of success at online business. SSL security industry has various type of security certificates, but EV SSL or Extended Validation is one the hardest security currently available on the web which is constructed with the strongest process of authentication before issue it to any organization.

Before any buyer of EV SSL proceeds to buy certificate, buyer must have been monitoring on features of SSL certificates before buy it. EV includes the complete source of security with its crucial features to protect business and their customers. It comes with gold padlock, green address bar, the toughest level of encryption up to 256 bit and 99.99% compatibility of the latest web browsers and mobile devices.

A website visitor land on web page and see the green address with secure EV protocol HTTPS:// and the traditional padlock of security, its means visitor will consider the website is secure to shop online. Authentication of online business or firm to issue extended validation SSL is tough and hard. Validation procedure has been developed and designed by the major Certificate Authorities (CA"s) of the web planet.

EV SSL certificate has various types of advantages to make business successful and secure on the web. Green SSL environment will create secure online shopping experience to visitors before they transact with their crucial information on the website. It will trim down the risk of online scam, fraud and phishing while exchanging digital information on web servers. Eventually, EV SSL Certificate protection will gain of trust and confidence for web site visitors, and they will step up to buy from the website with their sensitive details without any fear.

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James Labonte works with to help consumers with the top brands, such as RapidSSL, VeriSign (Now Symantec), Thawte SSL, GeoTrust SSL and Rapid SSL. offers EV SSL certificates of major SSL brands like Symantec EV,GeoTrust EV, and Thawte EV SSL Certificates as for as low as prices to expand security of online organization or business on web.

What is Symantec Vulnerability Assessment?

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Symantec is antivirus computer software that helps reduce the threat of viruses and other security issues that can wreak havoc on computers. Vulnerabilities are defined as viruses that can allow hackers into a computer program. This article describes the most recent Symantec vulnerability and how it was resolved.

Vulnerabilities are described as flaws within computer software that create weaknesses in the computer"s security program. If found these vulnerabilities allow threats to exploit these weaknesses and can potentially damage the computer and its software. As soon as vulnerabilities are detected, antivirus companies like Symantec quickly spring into action to create a security patch to cover the vulnerability with Free Symantec vulnerability assessment tool.

Recently, Symantec"s Antivirus Corporate Edition 10.0 and Symantec Client Security 3 were both victims of a vulnerability that was reported as a threat by eEye Digital Security, which is another type of virus-detecting software. Luckily, Symantec was able to find the vulnerability and quickly get it patched up with vulnerability assessment tool before any serious damage had resulted to any of its customer base. If it had gone undetected and Symantec had not developed a patch for this problem, it might have affected several customers, doing untold damage to corporate computer software that was utilizing Symantec"s antivirus programs.

The vulnerability was described as a type of stack overflow that could potentially enable a hacker to execute code on an affected machine. Essentially this problem, if left unpatched, can create system crashes and also allow hackers to instigate malicious code that affects an entire system level. Symantec was able to find and disable the vulnerability within three days of the threat coming to light.

Threats to antivirus software programs, such as those developed by Symantec, occur constantly. Symantec has a team dedicated to working on developing security patches that protect its customers from hackers and other perceived threats.

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How Can Unified Communications Benefit My Business?

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The fast-paced style of today's business world requires quick thinking and communication. With its state-of-the-art instant communications services, unified communications can bring a business into the future and beyond.

By incorporating a variety of methods into the office's technological infrastructure, including instant messaging, video chatting, presence information, data sharing and speech recognition, the use of unified communications (UCC Certificate) can make relationships within a business run more smoothly. As employees work smarter and communicate freely with each other within the confines of their company, relationships with suppliers, clients and peers are easier, as the company displays a unified front. All parties are only privy to hear the shared information. Real-time dispersion of information can turn into a company standard, benefiting employees, management and the company as a whole as productivity increases.

With the capability to share data in real-time and communicate about the editing and processing of projects in progress, teams of people work more quickly, with less stress and communication errors. Unified communications (UCC SSL) certificate solve these problems with live video chat, creating a communication level that allows team members to communicate face-to-face while still working on the project at hand, avoiding wasting time away from the work space while still communicating with multiple members at the same time. This feature alone could save hundreds of man hours and boost a business's bottom line considerably.

The implication and use of unified communications in a business is growing into a universal standard. An investment in a unified communication infrastructure can increase the value and productivity of the business. In a business that relies upon team work and multiple personnel collaborating on a project, Unified Communications can only benefit it. Its results can carry them into the future with higher profitability and success, raising its reputation and dependability as a result of an investment in an efficient means of communication.

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Raise Green Sign of Trust & Decrease the Risk of Scam with EV SSL

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An extended validation or EV SSL certificate lets a website"s visitors know that it is secure. The green color shown in the address bar, similar to the green color shown on a traffic light, indicates that the visitor can safely proceed when performing a monetary transaction. This type of certificate is the most advanced type of SSL certificate currently available, and a person who wishes to buy an EV SSL certificate needs to have credentials verified by a strict process.

Some browsers no longer show the traditional gold padlock to indicate that the information submitted on the page is secure. Instead, the green color in the address bar lets the user know that the site meets very strict security measures. The user can hover a mouse over the green color on the address bar to view information regarding the ownership of the website and the certification authority (CA).

The strict requirements of an EV SSL certificate mean that a hacker is going to find it extremely difficult to break into an account and steal sensitive information about the account holder. Numerous websites, including the professional sites of large corporations, do not use EV SSL certificates, and this fact is a troubling issue for many consumers.

Internet users want to see the green color in an address bar when they visit websites, even if the individuals do not use the sites for transactions involving money. Website owners who are negligent in the security measures they take to protect their customers and visitors are sure to lose valuable patronage from these individuals.

The risk of scam applies to any type of website. If the website owner purchases an affordable EV SSL certificate, the beneficial result is that the potential for customer growth increases.

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Jim Armstrong is part of the expertly trained team. RapidSSLOnline is one of the most inexpensive SSL certificate providers in the world. RapidSSLOnline offers Wildcard SSL, EV SSL, SAN SSL, and Code Signing SSL certificates of major SSL brands such as VeriSign / Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, and RapidSSL on global scale.

SSL Certificates is a Powerful Tool for Virtual Authentication

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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is one of the most important tools for maintaining a secure internet connection. In order to ensure privacy, SSL software encrypts messages and network connections between web browsers and web servers. An SSL Certificate is an electronic document that holds information about a website owner in order to verify that he/she is connected to the site in question. Only those web servers deemed trustworthy are provided with the keys for decryption, in turn ensuring that only certified, secure sites are accessed. SSL Certificates are necessary tools for virtual authentication.

When a web browser attempts to connect with a website secured with SSL, the browser first requests that the web server identify itself by providing its SSL Certificate. The browser then determines whether the server is trusted before allowing the transfer of any information. Next, the server is given a public key that only it can decrypt if it is truly secure. Once the SSL encrypted session has started, the browser and web server may exchange information privately and safely.

SSL Certificate providers include many aspects of security on many different levels. Private information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, credit card information and passwords are all kept safe. Additionally, the encryptions and limited access to decryption make it virtually impossible for internet hackers to access any personal information that is exchanged between a browser and a server. The identities of both web browsers and web servers are authenticated so that neither is threatened with the access of information by an untrusted third party.

Overall, SSL Certificates serve as virtual certification that the exchange of information between web browsers and web servers is secure. A website without an SSL Certificate is not always trustworthy. With the complex encryption involved in SSL, on the other hand, a web browser can share any information with a web server and ensure it is not exchanged elsewhere.

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Jim Armstrong is part of the expertly trained team. RapidSSLOnline is one of the most inexpensive SSL certificate providers in the world. RapidSSLOnline offers Wildcard SSL, SAN SSL, and Code Signing SSL certificates of major SSL brands such as VeriSign / Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, and RapidSSL on global scale.

Securing Your Apache Web Server with a Thawte Digital Certificate

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By using a Thawte secure sockets layer (SSL) digital certificate, organizations are able to directly implement SSL/TLS properly on the Apache server platform. Many users of encryption fail in one or more areas of the implementation, leading to embarrassment and financial losses for web hosting companies, application service providers, e-commerce shops and other online organizations. For the consumers violated by these failures, the financial losses might not compare to the loss of trust and perceived threat of identity theft. Thawte provides a higher level of trust by doing extended validation in issuance of digital certificates. This is clearly visible to users through the Thawte Trusted Site Seal and green bar.

The old saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link definitely applies in the use of SSL certificates. In fact, SSL is practically useless when deployed with self-signed certificates, mixed port HTTP sites, unencrypted cookies or when encrypting at rates that cannot withstand brute force attacks. Thawte serves any organization seeking reliable implementations of digital certificates on Apache. These certificates operate smoothly with all aspects of Apache, including virtual hosts, OpenSSL, ModSSL and Apache-SSL. By using Thawte SSL digital certificates with extended validation, visitors to an Apache host see that the certificate is valid and that "Thawte Inc [US]" provided the validation.

Securing any Apache server is a simple process. The server manager should install OpenSSL and ModSSL, Apache-SSL or any other library services that creates the interface between Apache and OpenSSL. Using the "openssl" application from the command prompt, the server manager should generate the "private" key that is used to make the official certificate signing request (CSR) to Thawte.

Common "openssl" command formats and options are available elsewhere; the server manager should not experiment with the CSR request process or "play around" with actual signings. There are multiple methods to test certificates, including creating self-signed test certificates that are signed by self-generated private keys. These methods for testing are fully compliant with X.509, but they have no purpose for authentication or encryption beyond the test and install process. Proper testing should occur in cases where the server managers or implementation team are inexperienced with the full process.

To conclude the actual implementation on the Apache server, the certificate is downloaded and installed by pasting into the proper server location. Thawte recommends using the name for consistency. If the server's "httpd.conf" is missing the SSL Certificate File and SSL Certificate Key File directives, the server manager or implementation team should add them appropriately.

The implementation team should validate the success of the SSL implementation on the Apache server by connecting through multiple browsers and as many points of connection into the internet cloud as expected. Thawte recommends that troubleshooters begin with the Apache SSL FAQs at Thawte's website.

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Jim Armstrong is part of the expertly trained team. RapidSSLOnline is one of the most inexpensive SSL certificate providers in the world. RapidSSLOnline offers Wildcard SSL, EV SSL, SAN SSL, and Code Signing SSL certificates of major SSL brands such as VeriSign / Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, and RapidSSL on global scale.

The SSL Certificates roll as credit card protector

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Websites that accept payments online usually have to take extra precautions to ensure that its customers can safely enter their personal credit card - or other banking information. The website creators must ensure that consumer"s information has no risk of having it falling into the wrong hands. When it comes to these types of online transactions, the best way to safeguard sensitive information is through the use of SSL certificates. In this article, learn about the important role the SSL certificate plays when it comes to online payments.

In order to better understand the role of the SSL certificate, it is necessary to define what the SSL certificate is, as well as what it does. This certificate is confirmation that the webpage is encrypted in a secure fashion. The certificate ensures that other parties do not have access to see what a consumer is doing online, nor get access to their credit card information. The SSL certificate guarantees that the information that is entered by the client is not seen by someone else, who is not part of the transaction, while in transit to the merchant.

To that end, the secondary role of the SSL card is to verify to customers that they are dealing with a secure site and can feel confident that the information they are entering - such as credit card or banking information - is not going to fall into the wrong hands. Security is very important to merchants, as it may mean the difference between a customer agreeing to complete a transaction or deciding against it. Unsecured websites can ultimately result in lost revenue for any company.

Companies that plan to accept payment online from their customers are best served by offering an SSL-certified website. Doing so shows the clients that the company cares about protecting the customer's identity and financial information, which can lead to more closed business transactions as a result.

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Jim Armstrong works with to provide customized support and solutions to businesses that seek SSL solutions. RapidSSLonline provides cheap SSL certificates including wide range of SSL security products like WildCard SSL, EV SSL, SAN SSL and Code Signing SSL to maximize security for your data and transactions on web. His considerable knowledge of SSL includes brands like VeriSign, Thawte and Trustwave.


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