How Wildcard SSL works with its different security key?

Por Jim Armstrong - December 6th, 2012, 16:33, Category: Cheap SSL Certificates

A Wildcard SSL, like any other SSL certificate security, provides SSL encryption for data transmitted between visitors on the website and the site itself. What makes a Wildcard SSL different from other SSL certificate security types is its ability to secure an unlimited number of sub-domains in addition to the primary domain URL.

Wildcard SSL certificates handle website security very differently than traditional SSL certificates. A traditional SSL certificate is assigned to a single host name. If sub-domains are added, a new SSL certificate must be purchased and it will be applied to a new domain name. A Wildcard SSL certificate allows users to protect multiple sub domain names as long as they are run on a single server, without purchasing additional SSL certificates security.

The ability of an SSL Certificate Wildcard to cover even an unlimited server license is based in the way it applies security keys. Wildcard SSLs assign a different security key to each sub-domain added to the SSL certificate. Wildcard SSL security is highly recommended for large organizations and e-commerce type websites, which include multiple sub-domains at the time of purchase, or which anticipate adding additional sub-domains while the SSL certificate is active.

The only drawback to Wildcard SSL certificates is their cost. They are significantly more expensive than traditional SSL certificates but are less complex to install and maintain, especially for a broad-based business. SSL certificate security is one of the most highly recommended steps on the web to users and their confidential date. An SSL certificate WildCard is a comprehensive security solution to increase the trust of users or customers and confirm that e-commerce experience is secure. WildCard SSLs not only increase users trust and confidence on the site but also display visual indicator signs of safety to improve online trust.

When trying to select an SSL certificate, it is important to consider how the SSL certificate security fits into the company's budget and how the SSL certificate is used within the organization. For large and growing businesses that operate online, Cheap Wildcard SSL certificates are the most reliable and flexible website security option.

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